Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue

Help Doggie save all the poodles from the evil guardians
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Dog Rescue is a simple adventure game about a dog whose job is to save all the pink female poodles to win the game.
At the beginning of the game, you'll be asked to enter your player name; be sure to type it right since you can't modify it later. The main menu will be shown afterwards from which you can get help, change your profile, view the high scores table or choose to configure the music, sound effects, and full screen mode.

As mentioned above, the protagonist is a dog named Doggie, his mission is to rescue the pretty female poodles that are tied with a rope. To save them Doggie has to be near them; press the space key or the left key to release the rope. At the end of the level, you'll see a red portal on which you should step to finish the level.

The portal is initially red, once all poodles have been saved, it will turn green to indicate you can now go through it. Unfortunately things may get more difficult, since several guardians will be obstacles in your way - to defeat them you should find glues which will cause them to get trapped.

Whenever you find gold coins or blue diamonds, make sure you get them, they will be useful to raise your score. On every level, you'll have time limit to complete it, hurry up to finish before it's too late. The game let you choose different control methods such as the mouse, keyboard, or joystick.

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  • Good game for the family or just the kids
  • Has a lot of game options
  • Allows different control methods


  • Controlling Doggie is difficult sometimes
  • Gets a bit boring after a while
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